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There’s plenty of reasons why living in Bishop Auckland in great, from things to see and do to a whole host if exciting events, Bishop Auckland is the place to be. Some of the exciting things going on include…

Auckland Tower

A new ticketing and information hub has been put up so the visitors of Bishop Auckland can find a friendly welcome. This new building is under construction in the Market Place where the 30m high lift shaft is in place, holding the option of great views. It hopes to be the place were visitors will come to be welcomed.

Auckland Castle

This 900 year old, Grade 1-listed building is due to reopen in May 2018 after being restored to its former ‘Gothic opulence’.

Reasons to Live in Bishop Auckland

Spanish Gallery

The gallery in Market Place is due to open in 2019 and will house a world class collection of Spanish art, as well as compliment the Zurbaran paintings which are at Auckland Castle.

Mining Art Gallery

This will become the permanent home for the Gemini collection of mining art which has been assembled over the years. This is art by the miners has a major resonance in the local community.

Walled Garden

The 17th century walled garden next to the Auckland Castle, which issued to supply the Prince Bishops with fruit and vegetables. As well as being referred to as one of the first places where pineapples were grown in the UK.

Faith Museum

This L-shaped gallery in Auckland Castle will be the first museum in the country to explore how faith and belief have shaped Britain. This aims to boost the number of visitors who are interested in history, heritage and religion.

Deer Park

The 200-acrew deer park beside Auckland Castle is a place where local people can roam, there are future plans to restore the park, making it an attraction which appeals to others from further afield. In addition to all of this there are also plans to make more of the Bichester Roman Fort which now falls under the remit of The Auckland Project.


In addition to the attractions above, there’s also plans for a number of new restaurants and eateries across the town centre.